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Silver Colloid Nano

What is silver colloid?

Silver colloid is a completely homogenous solution, made up of very fine parts per millionth particles. The colloid is produced of a very clean, bigger piece of Quadrat silver and purified water (ultra clean in our case) that is produced in a laboratory with a special electric equipment by electrolysis. We call colloid any particle that are between 1-500 nm (nanometre) by size.

In the extremely clean, ionisated water, nano sized, identical charged silver particles can be found that are in a continuous movement and repel each other. Due to charge loss- a natural process-their efficiency is gradually decreasing, therefore they cannot be used for unrestricted time. 90 days after opening the positive charge silver particles are slowly getting to lose their charge, movement is slowing and efficiency is weakening.

Colloid silver is the only form of silver that can be used safely. Since it is slowly absorbed into tissues, silver colloid does not cause tissue irritation.

History and research

Silver has been regarded a beneficial and versatile healing material since ancient times. Silver was used for treating and avoiding different infections in the ancient Greece, Rome, Phoenicia and Macedonia. According to Hippocrates-“The father of doctors”- silver is an outstanding tool for healing hacks, heart problems and he also appreciated its blood purifying and disinfectioning effect. Description on silver was described in the contemporary “pharmacopoeia”. Later silver was used to treat cholera, syphilis and probably epilepsy attacks.

During the wars with Napoleon, the armies of Tsar Alexander used water casks lined with silver to clean drinking water from rivers and streams. This practice by the Imperial Russian army was continued through World War I and by some units in the Soviet Army in World War II.

In 1861, Thomas Graham found that certain solutions would pass through a membrane and others would not. He found a stable, intermediate state of matter, and was able to describe it. Graham’s discovery was that substances could enter a solution in such a manner that they exhibit characteristics that are quite different from those of a true solution. He applied the term “colloidal” (from kolla = glue) to this intermediate state, as glue, gelatine, and related substances were the most obvious to him as being in this unique state.


Getting into the environment of unicellular creatures (bacteria, fungus, and virus) silver colloid is blocking their life functions and kill them in a short time. Destroying protein shell of viruses silver colloid can prevent them from reproduction, therefore foster their destruction. By blocking their special, very important enzyme the funguses and bacteria are destroyed by silver colloid in a little while.

It has bigger bacteria-killing effect with 10 ppm (parts per million) concentration than most antibiotics used as medications. Currently the silver colloid is considered to serve as a remedy against about 650 different causative agents. (Source: Science Digest Magazine, March 1978.)

In a laboratory test tube it can annul all types of causative agents within about 6 minutes including the notorious ‘hospital Bacteria’ Staphylococcus Aureust.

Silver is an essential trace element either for plants and animals and the human being. According to medical researches close ties exist between silver and our protective immune system.

Due to its atomic structure silver colloid owns a special feature that can help liver regeneration and detoxification. Being also a very effective bone regenerating material silver colloid can produce bone recovery with more than 50 % efficiency. In case of cut, frayed and burnt injuries it forwards reformation of skin and other fine tissues, yet keeping them sterile.

Formerly people did not have to take food supplements, since plants contained those minerals and trace elements that were necessary for human body. Because of today’s mass production, plants are not able to take these materials.

Silver in colloid form does not harm the body and has no side effects, can be used along with other medications safely.

Sooner or later microorganisms are becoming resistant against organic materials. But bacteria cannot resist silver as they affect several structural and enzyme proteins, impede metabolism and cell reproduction. Antibacterial effect of silver ions has been known since 1883 and silver were found not to harm human body even in bigger concentration.

Quality requirements

In our researches we intend to highlight the importance of ultra clear water and Quadrat silver that are used during preparation. Only these materials can be used to perform the excellent quality and therefore achieve the appropriate effect.

Size and clarity of silver particles emerging during preparation process are important. The smaller the particles are, the more effective they are in the body due to specific surface in one hand and easier spread on the other hand. Clarity is essential since presence of inadequate silver quality and water quality can result in undesirable compound emerge.

For producing silver colloid we use water cleaner and filter equipment having GLP (Good Laboratory Practice). Our materials also have quality certification that are preserved and can be surveyed at any time.

We intend to produce our products in laboratory environments, with thorough foresight, the best tools and the most appropriate materials.

How to use silver colloid?

The safe daily amount of silver colloid was described by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in a so-called Reference Dose. This RD= 5*10-3 mg/kg/day, which means the described daily amount is equal to the personal weight multiplied by 0,005 mg.

Original source

Calculation: in 5ml DrJuice Silver Colloid /20ppm/ there is approx.0.1 mg silver.

According to the calculation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Reference dose: 5×10-3 mg / kg / day

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